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SizeTalla Unica
ColorBeige y Marron

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'McCartney' is part of our LP Record collection, a line of coated sunglasses with the exterior in one color and internal profile on another.

The frame, made ​​of polycarbonate following strict production processes, characterizes for being lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong, with a layer of rubber-touch finish our 'McCartney' are of Light Green color on the exterior and Cream on the internal profile.

The inner part of the temples have been designed with a wide range of colors that identify and make the Goodbye, Rita unique.

The Light Blue Revo lenses are TAC polarized, under category 3 of European normative, they are 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass, offering great reduction of reflexes and they count with 100% protection against the sun rays UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Each sunglass includes a corporate packaging, a protective pouch, and a chamois with the Goodbye, Rita exclusive design.

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