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The frame, made of acetate following strict production processes, characterizes for being lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong. 

Our CLEAR VIEW Garnet have the colours that make the Goodbye, Rita. unique with an elegant burgundy finish. 

Each eyeglass includes a corporate packaging, a protective pouch, and a chamois with the Goodbye, Rita. exclusive design. 

Buy the glasses that everyone wants to wear

There are already many celebrities that have not been able to resist the object of desire of the moment. Among them: Alejo Sauras, Asier Etxeandia, Iker Casillas, Kira Miró, Patricia Montero, Laura Sanchez, Martina Klein, Alejandro Sanz, Cristian Gálvez, Patricia Conde, Maribel Verdú, Malena Costa, Sara Sálamo, Eva H, Luis Tosar, Toni Acosta, Raquel Sánchez, and many more ... Are you going to run out of your Goodbye sunglasses, Rita? We know not. Let yourself be seduced by a different goggle that connects with your "I", and that gives you everything you're looking for. We know you will not be able to resist...

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